Treating Pain with Acupuncture and Topical Application of Herbs 

The treatment pain is the most common reason people seek treatment with CM. This class offers effective acupuncture and herbal strategies that can enhance and extend your treatments.

This is a course for acupuncturists who have not had extensive training in Chinese herbal medicine and experienced Chinese herbalists who are interested in the field of Wai Ke/External Medicine. It is also open to CM students.

The class introduces the foundational theories and methods of Wai Ke/External Medicine, with an emphasis on resolving pain. It covers strategies for the treatment of complex chronic pain. The effective combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine is characteristic of Wai Ke, producing fast and powerful results. Adding herbal applications can be key for many chronic complaints such a sinus conditions, headaches, arthritis and stubborn pain. Wai Ke has specific pulse and tongue indications that indicate blockages of Qi that may crucially impede a healthy immune system and the complete resolution of chronic disease.

The class covers a large range of possibilities for topical herbal applications, such as liniments, plasters, salves and compresses and includes lesser known inhalants, oral washes and navel plasters. Needle techniques will also be demonstrated.

The class will be a fun day to open a door to a new modality.  After this practical class, practitioners can immediately apply the knowledge to clinical practice.

Topics include:

  •  The treatment of Bizheng/Painful-Obstruction 

  •  The creation and uses of liniments, plasters, soak-compresses and other external medicines

  • The role of chronic sinus blockages in unresolved pain and immune compromise

  • Resolving blockage of Wei Qi to improve immunity and relieve pain

  • Pulse & Tongue diagnosis focused on External Medicine

  • Needle techniques and treatment demonstration

Can’t make it to Maryland? Enroll with the Live Stream Option to participate from your location.

Those enrolled in the upcoming Yao Shan Chinese Herb Program Series (beginning February 2020) enjoy a substantial discount for this class.



Saturday, October 5th 2019
9:00 - 5:30


Columbia, MD or any location via Livestream

Hilton Garden Inn - Columbia, MD
8241 Snowden River Pkwy
Columbia, MD 21045



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