Wai Ke: External Medicine

Wai Ke, or External Medicine, specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the external structures and superficial layers of the body where the wei qi (defensive qi) is most active. Wai Ke focuses its diagnostics on that which can be seen and felt to determine inner functions and also, that which is hidden.

Wai Ke is well known for its treatment of various stages of traumatic injury and Bi-Painful Obstruction. Additionally, Wai Ke specializes in conditions of the skin, sinuses, throat, orifices, breasts, and genitals. Results are often fast and powerful, utilizing both internal and external applications of herbs.

This class introduces the foundational theories and methods of Wai Ke allowing practitioners to immediately begin using them in clinical practice. Multiple methods of external application will be taught, including the use of: soak-compresses, pastes, powders, inhalations, oral washes, enemas, naval plasters and many more. There will also be a focus on needling techniques and the combination of acupuncture and herbal medicine.

As a speciality of Chinese medicine, Wai Ke provides a comprehensive perspective that helps us to understand any condition - including internal diseases and even the treatment of Shen/Spirit. Focusing on the external, we seek to dispel and eliminate internal stagnation in order to generate clarity and freedom.