Eight Extraordinary Vessels

DECEMBER 3 – 4; DECEMBER 5, 2016
12 CEUS / 18 CEUS

The Eight Extraordinary Vessels represent the deepest constitutional layer of a human being. Yet these most fundamental channels are often only briefly examined in acupuncture schools and modern textbooks. This class will cover each of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels, examining in depth the classical teachings, physiology, pathology and clinical applications.

The class will also explore how the Eight Extraordinary Vessels inform the basic transitions and transformations of the human life cycle. The Eight Extraordinary Vessels guide our essence/jing from conception and early childhood to maturity and old age. Many constitutional and congenital conditions can be addressed with the skilled use of these meridians. The course will also explore the use of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels in Daoist internal alchemy/nei dan. Participants will be invited to understand these channels as pathways for their own inner cultivation as well as keys to helping their patients heal.

Monday Practicum (optional)

The class, limited to 15 participants, will focus on further integrating the weekend’s material into clinical practice.  Eight Extraordinary Vessels pulses will be presented.  Additional time will be given to practicing clinical techniques with a focus on yuan level needling.  Qi Gong cultivation to enhance needling sensitivity skills will be taught.